iOS 7 – how to solve problems with status bar in iOS7

iOS 7 brings status bar which looks like part of view 9though it is not). But it caused that status bar may overlap content or be hardly visible (in case of black or dark background for UINavigationBar or content).
There are several solutions to solve these problems.

Convert Storyboard from iPhone to iPad

You have ready iPhone application with Storyboard. Now you need to create iPad or iOS universal application. The longest and hardest way is to create whole Storyboard manually from the beginning. The easiest and quickest way is to convert iPhone Storyboard into iPad Storyboard.

Center content within UIScrollView

What is the best way to center a view within an UIScrollView?

There are several ways to achieve it. The main is to subclass UIScrollView (don’t forget about UIScrollViewDelegate) and override 1 or several methods.

7 Free Xcode Plugins

7 Free Xcode Plugins wich help developing in Xcode and work with Xcode. They add more functionality into Xcode and allow to change its look.

Remote console logs from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Usually console log for iOS device can be viewed in Xcode Organizer. But how to get console logs from iPhone or iPad if there is no physical access to those devices? Or what to do if person with device doesn’t have Mac and Xcode?

10 iOS libraries I use most often during development

Using third-party libraries during development may not just safe you time but also learn something new. Here is list of 10 iOS libraries I used most often in iOS application development.

iOS fonts

I saw many times code of different applications where developers use only [UIFont systemFontOfSize:12.0] to set font in iOS application.

But there are a lot of fonts available in IOS starting from 3.0 which allow to customize text in application. iOS 5 has even more fonts.

These fonts can be set easy using [UIFont fontWithName:@”AmericanTypewriter” size:12.0];