iOS design sheet all developers and designers should learn

Designers should always pay attention to application design depending on target devices. There are not many screen sizes for iOS devices comparing to Android screens but sometimes it is good to have cheat sheet with all screen and elements sizes.

User interface designer Ivo Mynttinen has published very handy “iOS Design Cheat Sheet” which include a clean chart for all of the iOS device resolutions, icons and design elements.

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iOS launch images and icons sizes

Apple introduced new iPhone 5 with new screen display. Thus many companies and developers has to update their applications to support it. As it usually occurs, Apple made it hard to find all the info about icons, launch images and so on. So here is summary for all sizes and names for icons and launch images for iPhone3GS, iPhone4 and iPhone4s Retina , iPhone5, iPad and iPad Retina.

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Free UI Kit PSDs for iOS

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iOS GUI design resources

This post wil be useful not only to designer who create unique application interfaces but also to those who wants to make mockups.
There a lot of design resources which can help designing a beautiful, unique and functional interface for iOS application.
You can find PSD files with GUI elements for iPhone and Ipad and also Icon templates.

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